I work with the Snowbird Ski Patrol full-time and need a bomber ski that can get me anywhere with as little effort as possible in any condition. RAMP Peacepipe | Ski Review | Unofficial Networks

RAMP Peacepipe | Ski Review

RAMP Peacepipe | Ski Review


RAMP Peacepipe | Ski Review


Peace Pipes

Cool Indian topsheet.

RAMP Skis is based out of Park City, Utah and is certainly an up and coming great in the ski production industry.  This fall I was given a chance to tour their production facility and see just how this Made in America ski is born.

After learning more about RAMP’s Green Initiatives and about their product line I knew I needed a pair of RAMPs.  I work with the Snowbird Ski Patrol full-time and need a bomber ski that can get me anywhere with as little effort as possible in any condition.  Also I wanted a strong ski that could stand up to the rigors of walking on rocks, skiing powder before the mountain opens and the general abuse that 50 hours of skiing a week will do to any gear.

I decided to go with the Peacepipes which is a Big Mountain Powder ski with rocker, reverse side cut tip for catch free skiing and a nearly flat tail.  Also all RAMP Skis are made with bamboo cores which make for a stiffer yet energetic ski.  You cant beat their top sheets either, RAMP developed a way to sublimate their graphics onto a bamboo topsheet.  Industry experts told them it couldn’t be done so they did it anyway.  This makes every ski unique with its own bamboo grain within what looks like a hand painted top sheet.


  • 169cm 146-110-134 with a 14.5m radius
  • 179cm 146-112-134 with a 17.5m radius
  • 189cm 146-115-134 with a 22m radius

I mounted my Peacepipes on RAMPs recommended mounting point with a pair of Look Pivots.  The thing that struck me first was the seemingly absence of camber, only 12mm, where I was used to skis with much more.  When I started to do the classic ski stiffness test my eyes lit up at how stiff of a ski the Peacepipe is.  However it also has a softer tip to make the ski more forgiving in chopped up crud.

I have been skiing on my Peacepipes for several weeks now in all conditions that Mother Nature and The Great Ullr can throw at us with impressive results in all.  The Peacepipes are built for speed and love to go fast.  Even at high speeds on groomed runs they stay perfectly stable but will still initiate a sharp turn at your beck and call.

Variable conditions from wind blown cream to the icy layers below?  Not an issue, the skis edge so well in all conditions they might as well be an all mountain ski.  One feature of the ski that I have found truly enjoyable is powder skiing.  Last week we received 55 inches of snow in 6 days, absolute dry 5% blower of the World’s Greatest Snow.  The handling of these skis in tits deep white room tree skiing is second to none thanks to their tight turn radius.

Ramp Factory

Ramp Factory

If you live in the Salt Lake or Park City area stop by the RAMP factory at 6407 Business Park Road, Park City, Utah, 84098 and tell them UnofficialNetworks sent you.  Then go out and demo any pair of skis they have!

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