Last January, I made a trip across the Canadian border to visit the famous powder highway and get some of the Kootenay goods in the general vicinity of Nelson, B.C.  The first morning we awoke to a fresh 20 cm of snow, so after a quick breakfast, we crusied up to Whitewater Ski Resort.  Upon arrival in the parking lot, things were quiet and we geared up and made our way towards the lodge.

I passed a small trailer sitting in the lot and noticed that it looked like an adult sized playhouse on wheels.  We popped into the lodge, got our bearings and checked our beacons. After spending the morning playing in the trees on the backside of the mountain I made my way back to my car for some lunch. Curiousity got the best of me and I stopped to have a chat with the tenants of the “Tiny House”.  They told me their story and I poked my head in the door to have a look around, and what I saw was a dirtbag dreamhouse.  The 2 story camp trailer had all the amenities of my subaru, but with way more headroom and a kitchen to boot.

The idea of chasing winter around North America is beyond rad and the Outdoor Research “Tiny House” crew made the best of their tough journey and found their paradise. Heres to hoping the tiny house rolls again.

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