5 Tips To Being a Good Ski Bum

5 Tips To Being a Good Ski Bum


5 Tips To Being a Good Ski Bum


Some helpful advice that has been passed down over the years to young aspiring ski bums.

1. Get yourself a good pair of ski boots: Custom ski boots might set you back some hard earned cash but you won’t regret the purchase.

2. Check your bindings on a regular basis: Take a few seconds before clicking in to check the din and over all condition of your bindings. You never know when you roommate might have “borrowed” your skis and failed to readjust the forward pressure.

3. Use sunscreen everyday: Why? Because you don’t want to look like your 80 when your 50. And second, caucasian males that live at altitude have the highest risk of skin cancer. Don’t forget that up in the mountains there is less atmosphere for them cosmic rays to cut through.

4. Get health insurance: It’s not a matter of if you will end up in the ER but when.  Shit happens and when it happens to you you’ll be happy you spent some extra scratch on health insurance. The alternative is to wait until something happens then move back home with mom and dad so you can pay your ridiculous medical bills.

5. Eat a banana everyday: One word, Potassium.

What would YOU add to the list?

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