Surprise, Surprise! Another Trailer has been released, this one is the fifth from Norway’s Chaoz Productions and it’s called Turbulent Flow. It profiles the Norwegian winter in Are, Oslo, Hamar, Kafjord, Lyngen Alps, Stordal, Lillehammer, Roldal and Folgefonna. The premiere is set for September 22 in Oslo, Norway, so if you happen to be up in Scandinavia check out the premiere!

The riders featured include: Gaute Silseth, Lars Haakon Hafsal, Dennis Risvoll, Kim Boberg, Thomas Dolplads, Walter Wood, Frederick Iliano, PC Fosse, Espen Bergh, Oystein Braten.

From the looks of the trailer the movie will have some urban scenes, backcountry booters as well as what looks to some ascents of some huge peaks (0:37).

Music: Lemaitre – Keep Close

Produced & directed by: Eivind Aurstad

Chaoz Productions

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