PYP just released a teaser for their 2012 film "Part Time" PYP drops a teaser | “Part Time” | Unofficial Networks

PYP drops a teaser | "Part Time"

PYP drops a teaser | "Part Time"


PYP drops a teaser | "Part Time"


PYP just dropped a trailer for their upcoming 2012 release “Part Time” and it got me all amped up to go shred pow, which kind of sucks because Whistler is stuck in “Juneuary” right now with no end in sight. The sooner summer get’s here, the sooner it will start snowing again…

I assume the name of this video is some kind of joke, because this definitely doesn’t look like a part time project. There’s double corks galore, some heavy urban rails, backcountry jumps and faceshots.  

That said, Pat King has been known to put in 40 plus hours a week partying, so maybe making a ski/snowboard movie is just a part time gig for him now.

Either way, it looks like this crew had fun this year. If I still haven’t convinced you to put two and a half minutes aside for this video, at least watch it for the cable slide.

You’ll know what I mean.

PYP Features:

 Mack Jones, Rob Heule, Colin Vaykovich, Eliel Hindert, Nick McNutt, Tamo Campos, Kieran Nikula, Dane Degruyter, Mike Ness, Jordan Clarke, Cedrik Diggory & Friends

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