Globe’s knows a thing about making bad ass videos.  Globe’s “ELECTRIC BLUE HEAVEN” is their most recent short conceptual film featuring pro surfer Dion Agius in the ‘Worlds Best’ Wave Pool located in the UAE. Oh yeah and 10 russian models, a exotic car and some excellent ass, I mean I mean surfing cinematography.

There was a concept. A concept involving 10 Russian models, a Lamborghini, and Dion boosting virtually every air in the book…. electric blue water contrasting against wild mountainous backdrops.


A few weeks back, Dion Agius and crew embarked on a journey to the Middle East. A journey for waves. A journey that would bring Dion to unleash on the world’s best man made wave. A studio for surfing. Smack in the middle of a desert mountain range in a foreign land.

Wadi Adventure is a water park located in the United Arab Emirates. It’s the Middle East’s first man made whitewater rafting, kayaking and surfing facility. They’ve got three world class whitewater rafting and kayaking runs with a combined length of 1,133m. A surf pool capable of making 3.3 meter high waves every 90 seconds and a rope course, climbing wall and zip line. Chances are if you show up you won’t find ten Russian models and one lone surfer. Speaking of the lone surfer, I don’t want to put down your profession Dion but what are you doing in the water? I think those girls look a little sun burned and they need some lotion, better take a break…

For some entertainment head over to Globe’s Vimeo page. Most their videos have hot girls with perfect bums walking or lounging around professionals surfing or skating. Yeah I think they figured it out

Here’s another video that Globe made. The video does not have as much “in your face” with ass (3:52) as Electric Blue Heaven but is still really awesome + they’re on a real beach



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