Having since moved to Whistler, I’ve had the unique experience of having been both a City Girl AND a Local Girl. This is why I feel well equipped to determine which girl is more awesome. City Girl vs. Local Girl… | Unofficial Networks

City Girl vs. Local Girl...

City Girl vs. Local Girl...


City Girl vs. Local Girl...


Photos -Andrew Strain

By- Magee Walker
Back in the day, I used to be one of those Vancouver weekend warriors. One day, I found myself enjoying some après at The Fitzsimmons with my dear friend Anne (also a City Girl) and some of our new buddies (Local Whistler Boys! Novel!). I can’t remember why Anne offered to buy a pitcher of beer, but she did. Moments later, one of our buddies was already on his phone and said, “City girls! And they’re buying stuff!”.

It was then that I learned about City Girls, Local Girls and their perceived differences. Having since moved to Whistler, I’ve had the unique experience of having been both a City Girl AND a Local Girl. This is why I feel well equipped to determine which girl is more awesome.

I Present: City Girl vs. Local Girl

1) Snowsporting skills: Unless you are a teacher on call, a City Girl is lucky to get two days a week on the mountain. Local Girls hit the mountain all day, every day. Point: Local Girl

2) Hygiene: Based on my objective observations, Local Girls need to brush their hair more often. City Girls have nailed the whole hygiene thing. They even wear makeup! Point: City Girl. 

3) Style: My favourite thing to do on a snowy Saturday evening is to watch the City Girls bail in the snow in their high heels and miniskirts. However, most City Girls adapt their dress to the climate while still putting some effort into their going-out outfits. Local Girls rarely venture beyond the plaid. Point: City Girl

4) Steeze: In Whistler, Local Girls can buy normal non-plaid clothes from Aritizia, the Gap and the Re-Use It Centre (debatable—there’s lots of plaid in there), so no wonder their style kind of sucks. Choices are limited. That being said, they can buy outerwear from one of six million shops in the Village. They might wear the same shirt four days in a row, but they have a different snowboard jacket for every day of the week. City Girls have been using the same jacket since high school. Point: Local Girl.

5) Partying Skills: In Whistler, YOU CAN GO OUT ON A MONDAY AND IT STILL FEELS LIKE A SATURDAY IN ANY OTHER PLACE ON EARTH. That is still so crazy to me (leftover City Girlness). Point: Local Girl.

6) Capability of Buying You Stuff: City Girls buy square watermelons at Urban Fare and can afford to drive up to Whistler every weekend and stay in hotels. Local Girls work minimal hours while making minimum wage. Point: City Girl.

7) Likelihood of Being Attracted to You: City Girl is used to being surrounded by men in suits which delightfully short hair. Immersed in the Whistler scene, a Local Girl finds herself warming up to toques, longer hair and even scuzzy beards. If you sport any of these, then your odds are much higher with a Local Girl. Point: Local Girl.

8) Likelihood of Girl Interfering With Your Mountain Days: City Girl will stay out of your hair Monday to Friday, allowing you to enjoy pow days with your buddies uninterrupted. BUT, if Local Girl is awesome, she has no problem keeping up with you on the aforementioned pow days. Point: It’s a tie.

9) Availability: City Girls are easy to find. Just go to any underground bar on a Saturday night. In the city, she is used to having to actually fight for a boy’s attention at a bar, since she is not outnumbered like she is in Whistler. Easy catch. As for Local Girl, first of all, good luck finding one. Secondly, if you DO find one, she’s probably already been snatched up. Point: City Girl.

10) Long Term Love Potential: Although City Girl thinks your ability to do fancy upside down things on skis is pretty amazing, she’s going to eventually start getting nervous over the fact that you get paid in free ski gear and that you haven’t started saving for retirement. Local Girl thinks it’s dreamy that you are funemployed and so passionate about the mountain… until her visa expires and she is forced to return to the land of Tim Tams. Point: Trick question, you’re never going to find long term love in Whistler.

According to my undisputable objective calculations, the final score is:

City Girl 5

Local Girl 5

Shoot, I didn’t plan on this being a tie. I will leave it to the internet to determine who the winner is.

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