Lining up for a rapid

The Gunnison River is probably my favorite summer spot on the planet and this weekend’s trip was one of the best I’ve had down there.  The river is flowing around 400 ccs right now which is really low for any commercial sized craft.  It was perfect for my 8′ catamaran, although pretty gnar in the whitewater with all my overnight gear stowed.   The river is a pain to get to and after humping about 150 lbs of gear a mile down I was in paradise.  It is always like heaven and hell.  I camped out and got into some fish that night.  Special thanks to John and Telluride Anglers for setting me up with a great deal on a new Sage rod.

Nice fish down here

 A couple of beavers kept me up slapping their tales that night, but I was rested in the morning to catch up with the rest of the crew.  Huge thanks to Luke for scouting the rapids and helping us charge through.  It was a great crew and everyone killed it.

Lining up for a rapid
Sorry Tahoe, we're allowed to drink extremely good beer on our rivers
Red rock cliffs into the river, really unique features

Let’s hope the river stays this low and clear for the stonefly hatch, it will go off.  Get out there and enjoy the rivers this off-season, it is the best time.


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