Unofficial Gear Review: GARUKA BARS

Unofficial Gear Review: GARUKA BARS


Unofficial Gear Review: GARUKA BARS


No one likes being woken up by a Ranger at 7 am with his tazer drawn but if this were to happen and one was to be ticketed for illegal camping in Moab, one may need a pick me up. 

What could possibly go wrong?

As I sifted through my pack this weekend I saw the wholesome goodness of a delicious Garuka Bar.  With one bite my whole outlook on the day changed.  I looked around and took in the natural beauty of the canyon, taking in the natural nourishment of my delicious Garuka bar as well.

Breakfast of Champions

  ‘Garuka bars are packed full of simple, wholesome ingredients, and a percentage of each sale goes towards gorilla conservation. ‘  Garuka Bars are made with Vermont raw honey, peanut butter, 7 whole-grain flakes, dried cranberries, brown rice puffs, light brown sugar, whole peanuts, and a teeny tiny bit of Vermont’s own Cabot butter. 

GARUKA BARS helped me to see some of them there Arches

They are currently releasing limited edition flavors as well- email subscribers get early access. They plan to release more flavors throughout the summer, but only limited runs available online. If you are ever bonking or need something nutritious to release your ‘primal energy’ at the begining of the day, these things really work!  A special thanks to Mike Rosenberg for providing the nourishment and for inventing such a cool product. 

Nutrition Facts:

Healthy as Health itself 


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