Anyone who travels to the Great White North to ski during the winter months knows that crossing the border can be the trickiest part. Even if you have no illegal substances, guns, or pepper spray the Canadian Border Patrol can hassle you for as long as they feel like it. Two seasons ago while traveling to Revelstoke with a caravan that included Scott McBrayer, Collin Collins, Chuck Mumford, Vanessa Aadland, and John Hejna we were held at the border for over 2 hours in sub zero temps for no good reason. Maybe it was the long hair and the van?

Are our US borders as well protected as those of our Northern neighbors?

Due to the hard work of one Robert Michael Jack, no relation to the late great Jim Norm Jack, the answer is a strong yes! Mr. Jack does not take any crap from Canadian border jumpers and will take them straight to his house if he sees them do whacky Canadian stuff anywhere on our side of the fence.

I am so glad we have great Americans like Mr. Jack. What do you think of him?

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