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Tahoe Deep With Jeremy Jones and Crew [Outside Television]

Tahoe Deep With Jeremy Jones and Crew [Outside Television]


Tahoe Deep With Jeremy Jones and Crew [Outside Television]


Outsidetelevision.com brings us this look at “Tahoe Deep” With Jeremy Jones.

A collaboration between legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones and the award winning production specialists Teton Gravity Research instill The Deeper Project with a baseline of epic suspense and athletic greatness. This 10 episode series will take you on an all encompassing journey through untouched snowboarding meccas as Jones and the TGR crew unlock the secrets to mastering some of the greatest lines on earth.

A far cry from his humble beginnings riding golf courses in Massachusetts, Jeremy Jones is now one of the most influential snowboarders in the world. He forged his own path in the industry and now sits at the top of his game as not only a snowboarder, but an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and an icon to his thousands of fans.

Over fifteen years of riding from helicopters, Jones felt he had exhausted the resources around him. Frustrated with heli boundaries and inspired by earth consciousness, Jones decided to forego the use of fuel powered machines and go deeper into the mountains using a simpler, less traveled method — the human body. But achieving the lines Jeremy wants is no walk in the park. It requires the crew to camp miles from civilization in brutal conditions, waiting out the weather for the perfect moment to strike. Completely off the grid, anxiety, fear, and excitement are just a few of the emotions whipping through the tents as storms engulf their ephemeral world, trapping the riders and testing their sanity. With food supplies low and no escape in sight, the severity of their situation sets in… is this even possible? When the skies open up the adventure kicks into high gear and the real danger begins. Leaving before dawn the crew skins by headlamp to climb isolated peaks for hours on end, only to summit and descend within minutes, completing the emotional roller coaster they subject themselves to.

Rather than the sole focus be Jeremy and his team of snowboarders, the cameramen and production crew propel the story even further as they struggle with their own issues: carrying gear, planning logistics and climbing the same lines with a fraction of the glory. These unsung heros of the production industry are brought into the light as the same caliber mountaineers as the riders themselves.

The beautiful thing about Deeper is that it is just the beginning. Jeremy’s complete vision is a trilogy: Deeper, Further, Higher. The entire project spans six years creating extreme adventure.

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