With record heat today in Salt Lake City today, it doesn't mean you can't have one more powder day! One More Powder Day This Season! | Unofficial Networks

One More Powder Day This Season!

One More Powder Day This Season!


One More Powder Day This Season!


Deep Powder

Will it be this deep?

With temperatures in Salt Lake City around 80°F today, it was hard to even think about skiing or snow.   Most people had their minds set on hiking, biking, and climbing all over the Wasatch.  For me, the day was all about beating the heat and climbing with some friends in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  However, it seems the Wasatch is in for one more wintry blast before the majority of the resorts shut down.

That’s right, untangle those powda cords because a storm is brewing.

Last Storm of the Season?

Snow, snow, snow, snow...

From WasatchSnowForecast.com

“Rain showers and isolated thunderstorms will start in the evening with snow developing in the mountains Wednesday night.  Snow should continue Thursday with 4-8″ still looking likely with the first wave.  A secondary low will bring more precip Friday evening through Sunday.  This secondary low will focus most of its strength south of the Wasatch but an additional 3-6″ in the Cottonwoods looks possible.  Overall, we are expecting 6-12″ of snow above 8,000 ft. by Sunday with possibly more in select locations.

With cold temperatures, the snow will be soft and fluffy, hopefully we end up with enough snow to bury the stout ice crust that will undoubtedly form from the 60°F temperatures that were at Snowbird today.

It’s spring time and huge dumps are not unheard of. Last weeks storm was forecast at 2-4 inches and we ended up with 11 inches due to lake effect.  Can we pull off another storm at four times the forecast amount? Or will we be skiing a thick layer of dust on crust?

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