Palisades this am at 8am

Squaw Valley has Silverado on the schedule this morning.  It wasn’t open nor skied yesterday so it’ll be fun.  Granite Chief Peak will very likely open as well today.

The Chimney might open today as well.  We poked around the bottom of it yesterday and it wasn’t lookin’ too hot.  There were ice patches, avy debris, and hardish snow forms in the landing.  The worst part is that below the landing got skied out hard and was moguly by the end of the day yesterday.  We straight lined just the moguly part, and it was a challenge.  Double the speed we had going thru it, and you’re gonna be hard pressed to hang out to the run out comin’ outta the Chimney.

But, we think the Chimney will open today and if it opens someone will ski and we’ll report on it.

Headwall at 8am


-0” of new snow overnight

– Highs in the 50s today

– 19F at High Camp at 8am

– 17F at the base at 8am

– Silverado will be good in the morning


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