logo courtesy of Pabst Brewing Co.
logo courtesy of Pabst Brewing Co.

Talk about a power move.  Pabst Brewing Company, which is the largest privately owned brewery in North America, has recently appointed Daniel McHugh, the former Vice President of Trademark Brands at Anheuser-Busch, as their new Chief Marketing Officer.

According to the press release, McHugh directed the day to day marketing and management of AB’s largest beer brands.  He constructed strategic brand plans and managed the portfolio’s brand identity from advertising to packaging.  McHugh was also responsible for the the negotiation and activation of key sponsorships for over 2,500 vendors including MLB, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, NBA, and the UFC during his 20 years at AB.

Daniel McHugh, new Chief Marketing Officer of Pabst Brewing Co. (photo courtesy of beverageforum.com)

“Dan has a proven track record as an outside the box strategist, which makes him the perfect candidate to lead Pabst’s marketing efforts,” said Evan and Daren Metropoulos, co-owners of Pabst Brewing Company. “His ability to execute unique campaigns for a diverse portfolio of brands means he can respond to the distinctive values of our products and consumers. Over the course of his career, Dan has sought the same goals that our executive team, and Pabst itself, embody – striving for innovation while respecting brand loyalists – so we’re excited to see what our collaboration will bring to bear.”

“This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for,” said McHugh. “The entrepreneurial environment that Daren and Evan Metropoulos foster is one that will allow me to harness decades of experience in the beer industry while challenging me to take a family of iconic brands places they’ve never been before. I’m looking forward to contributing to the continued growth of what is truly an American institution.”

Pabst Brewing Co. was established in 1844 and is the parent company of iconic American brands such as Pabst Blue Ribbon,  Schlitz, Colt 45, Old Style, Lone Star, Stroh’s, Ballantine, Old Milwaukee and Rainer.  Pabst Brewing Co. is owned by Evan, Daren, and C. Dean Metropoulos, who acquired the company in 2010.



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