South Park by Chair 4 Rollercoster
perfect weather, perfect day for riding park at mammoth

The snow is coming! The snow is coming! Live in Mammoth and it won’t take you long to learn that the weather changes right quick around here. Currently temps are dropping and the winds are blowing, both encouraging signs that we will soon see the white fly again.

Yet, just a couple days ago temps were in the 50s and the winds were calm – great conditions for getting out and enjoying one of Mammoth’s 7 terrain parks. And that’s just what local rider Matt Guntert did. One morning of lapping South Park with Matt and you’re gonna have more than enough shots to bang out a nice little 2 minute edit.

If you’re not in-the-know, South Park is Mammoth’s intermediate-advanced level terrain park. And, as seen here, a “stroll” through the Park on a pleasant sunny day is hard to beat. Enjoy it while you can because it looks as though Old Man Winter is on his way back.

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