Taylor Martin goes for a shred solo, soul shredding. North Shore mountains, Vancouver. Soul Shreddin’ | North Shore, Vancouver | Unofficial Networks

Soul Shreddin’ | North Shore, Vancouver

Soul Shreddin’ | North Shore, Vancouver


Soul Shreddin’ | North Shore, Vancouver


Words and Photos from Taylor Martin

With big winter swell hitting the coast and the pacific faucet temporarily turned off we had grand plans to hit up a few point breaks in Washington to pass the time. But I’m an idiot, and a 3am scramble for a lost passport left me in Vancouver. But Ullr had other plans for me, a couple hours of sleep later I checked the snow report and a sneaky foot and half of snow had fallen in the Local North Shore overnight. Not being one to give in and go to class easily I put away my wetsuit and packed up my touring gear for a solo soul shred. Up past the top lift skinning through the clouds I had heard epic tales of “the gnar” that existed in the north shore and was bent on finding it.

The clouds above me began to thin and I was soon above them farming sunny faceshots.

I ran into one other group on the way up but quickly scared them off with arguments about how my shadow makes a good touring partner and how trekkers are the best touring set up.

Back on my mission I came over the next ridge and felt like Columbus discovering Africa. The legendary “gnar” does exist and its f*ing gnarly. Some lines that go and lots that don’t…..yet.

After mind shredding These faces and seeing many others in the distance the clouds caught up with me and I was socked in again. Headed down to the lot and back to UBC for evening classes. But with a little more snow and when the “gnar” goes well be back.

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