Multiple storms will bring continous snow that will pile up in feet for the Rockies over the next 7 days. The Rockies Get Their Share of the West Coast Storm Train | Unofficial Networks

The Rockies Get Their Share of the West Coast Storm Train

The Rockies Get Their Share of the West Coast Storm Train


The Rockies Get Their Share of the West Coast Storm Train


Unless you live under rock you are aware of the big snows on the way for the West coast and East through the Rockies over the next 7 days.  A storm train will bring wave after wave of moisture into the coast and then through the Rockies.  By the time it is all said and done everyone should have at least a couple feet of snow if not triple or double that.

With the consistent flow of  moisture and not much break between the storms it would be hard to break down the snowfall each day for each section of the entire region without putting you to sleep.  Let’s just break it into  states and and look at the total snowfall potential over the period.  Let’s start with something that we have all been wanting to see for a while.  This is for Jackson but it looks the same for most regions of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.

The snow has already begun to fall over Idaho and Montana today.  The snow will push further South tomorrow into Wyoming and Utah, and then into Colorado by Friday.  By Saturday morning it looks like we will have picked up around 6-12 inches for Colorado, especially North toward Steamboat.  1-2 feet is possbile in Utah near Alta and up in Western Montana.  Wyoming including Jackson looks like 2-3 feet, and then possibly 3-4 feet in Idaho.  That only gets us to Saturday.  This map maxes out at 12 inches, but you get the idea of where the snow is coming.

Then there is another storm that will keep the snow going Saturday into Sunday.  This storm will bring colder air and will push the heavier precip a little further South into Colorado.  By Monday morning you should be able to add at least another foot to the snow totals.  There is another storm pushing into the West coast on Sunday that will bring more snow to the Rockies through Tuesday.  Here is the total precip map by Wednesday morning.

The solid yellow is around 2-4 feet of snow with the light orange being 4-6 feet.  Right now the total snowfall through next Wednesday looks to be around 1.5-2.5 feet for Colorado, 2-3+ feet for Utah & Western Montana, 3-4+ feet for Wyoming, and 4-5+ feet for Idaho.  Each mountain will have a fine tuned amount but that should be a general amount for each region.  Here is a map of the increase in snowpack through next Wednesday in inches.

Beyond the middle of next week it looks like the jet stream will shift back further North into the Pacific NW.  The snow should continue to come in waves for the Northern portion of the Rockies up into Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.  Looking at the first week of February it looks like we could take a little break from the storms while a lot of cold air pours in from Canada.  BA



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