So, how do you get mountain weather forecasts in Japan? Unfortunately, there is no NOAA to provide detailed information here. In my experience and in my opinion, there are two easy options that are reasonably accurate for Hakuba: Snow Forecast and YR.NO.

9 day Snow Forecast Happo-One
Snow Forecast's 9 day for Happo-One.

Snow Forecast is probably the most popular mountain weather forecaster in the world. It isn’t particularly accurate, but its one of the only options. They always massively under report snow totals for Hakuba, so probably double to quadruple whatever they are calling for. Above is a look at what Snow Forecast’s 9 day for Happo-One.

Hakuba Mura 9 day forecast's 9 day forecast for the Hakuba valley. is a Norwegian weather forecaster that seems to be a little more accurate than Snow Forecast for Hakuba. One thing that tends to be annoying with is that their snow totals are forecasted in millimeters of liquid precipitation. So, you have to extrapolate how many inches of snow that will be. Above is a look at what is calling for in the next 9 days in the Hakuba valley.

So, finally, whats in the forecast for the next days in Hakuba? It looks like Sunday will be partly cloudy and lighter winds, so hopefully a good day for bigger objectives in the backcountry. Monday and Tuesday may bring light snow and slightly increased winds, but still have potential for days in the alpine (can’t be too picky in January). It looks like Tuesday evening and through Wednesday will be the next significant snow fall. 30-50cm? Hard to say at this point. Its difficult to say whats happening beyond Wednesday, but maybe some sun on Thursday followed by more snow on Friday.

Overall, things are looking pretty good for Hakuba, with good storm powder days followed by potential for days in the alpine, coming in cycles.

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