Alyeska Ski Resort. photo:

The lower 48 thus far has been _____.  Alyeska means “the great land” and it is.  Especially this season with Alyeska having already received 328 inches of snow.

alyeska ak trail map
Alyeska Ski Resort trail map

Alyeska Statistics:

– Average Top ‘o’ Mountain Snowfall = 643” (based on 31 year history)

– 1,400 acres

– 73 Runs

– Base = 250 feet

– Top = 3,939 feet

– 9 Lifts

– Average Temps = Jan-20F, Feb-26F, Mar-32F, Apr-43

– Average Daylight Hours = Dec-7:22, Jan-8:29, Feb, 10:58, Mar-13:52, Apr: 16:20

alyeska alaska snowfall history
Alyeska Snowfall History

Girdwood (Alyeska) Forecast:

– Blizzard Warning – 4-8 inches in next 10 hours

The Lower 48 Forecast:

– Tahoe = nada

– Jackson = 1-2 inches this week

– Snowbird = 1-3 inches this week

– Colorado = 1-3 inches this week

Canadian Forecast:

– Whistler = nada (a little rain maybe)

alyeska northern lights
Northern Lights = the coolest thing you’ll ever see

Being in Alaska during the winter gives you a damn good chance at seeing the northern lights.  The northern lights is the coolest thing you’ve never seen.

Time for a trip to Alyeska this early winter?  YES!

Aurora Borealis
Northern Lights.

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