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This list is brought to us by the “Ski Area Citizen’s Coalition.”   Squaw Valley was number one in 2011.  We’re all curious to see if Squaw’s major developments are being done in an environmental way and if they’ll be able keep the top spot in 2012.  This Coalition uses a complex point system that is based on 3 main categories each with specific subcategories listed below the Top 10 List.

2011 Top 10 Green Ski Resorts in the USA

#1 – Squaw Valley, CA

#2 – Aspen Highlands, CO

#3 – Deer Valley, UT

#4 – Park City, UT

#5 – Alpine Meadows, CA

#6 – Aspen Mountain, CO

#7 – Buttermilk Mountain, CO

#8 – Steven’s Pass, WA

#9 – Sundance, UT

#10 – Sugar Bowl, CA

Squaw Valley = #1

Ski Area Citizens Coalitions point system categories:

1.  Habitat Protection

A.  Maintaining Ski Terrain Within the Existing Footprint

B.  Preserving Undisturbed Lands from Development

C. Protecting or Maintaining Endangered Species

D.  Preserving Environmentally Sensitive Areas 

2.  Protecting Watersheds

A.  Protecting/Preserving Wetlands

B.  Protecting WAter Quality

C.  Water Conservation

3.  Addressing Global Climate Change

A.  Conserving Energy by Avoiding New Snowmaking

B.  Renewable Energy

C.  Energy Efficiency

D.  Transportation

4.  Environmental Policies and Practices

A.  Environmental Policy Positions and Advocacy

B.  Waste Stream Management

C.  Purchasing

D.  Environmental Reporting and Accountability

E.  Community Sustainability


Worst Ten

#10. Brian Head Resort

#9. Las Vagas Ski and Snowboard Resort

#8. Brundage Mountain Resort 

#7. Solitude Mountain Resort

#6. White Pass Ski Area

#5. Homewood Mountain Resort

#4. Arizona Snowbowl

#3. Taos Ski Valley

#2. Breckenridge Ski Resort 

#1. Montana Snowbowl 

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