Friends of Shames: A Skier's Journey EP1 [Season 2]

Friends of Shames: A Skier's Journey EP1 [Season 2]


Friends of Shames: A Skier's Journey EP1 [Season 2]


If your beloved ski hill ran out of money and had no choice but to close, what would you do? With time running out for majestic Shames Mountain in Northern BC, local skiers from Terrace, Prince Rupert, and Kitimat have decided to take matters into their own hands and buy the ski hill as a community co-operative. Friends of Shames: A Skier’s Journey EP1 [Season 2] is a look into what’s at stake for the people who call Shames home, and sheds light onto a different way of owning & operating a ski hill. And of course, there are plenty of deep turns and stunning terrain along the way.

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Presented by, Goretex, and

Production: Jordan Manley
Skiing & Narration: Chad Sayers
Story editor: Chad Manley


Smooth flights from Vancouver to Terrace courtesy of:

For more information about the co-op visit:

Many, many thanks to:
Darryl Tucker & Hawk Air
Brad & Kim Zeerip
Susan Hubbard & Clint Fraser/Northern BC Tourism
Graham Genge/Kermodei Tourism
Polly Rudderham
The Skimson Family
Rod Gee
Harry Murphy

“We Can All Be Saved” by Cary Bird
“Melon Collies” by Cary Bird
“Northern Air” by Elliott BROOD
“City Lights” by Jon-Rae Fletcher

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