"We're Bring Back the Mono!" | Vive Le Mono - First Ever Rockered Mono Ski

"We're Bring Back the Mono!" | Vive Le Mono - First Ever Rockered Mono Ski


"We're Bring Back the Mono!" | Vive Le Mono - First Ever Rockered Mono Ski


Vive le mono! Featuring STP technology.

Faction Skis has build the first ever production Monoboard with rocker, parabolic sidecut and STP technology. With this new board you might even stand a chance at beating Lee Dube down the run of his choice for some G.N.A.R. points. 

Profile>   Seven years of ski design. Rocker technology. Flat camber. STP technology. Everything we have been working on since we started Faction has been leading to this. The culmination of years of work. A true leap-forward in ski design. Introducing the Mono Ski. Why bother with all that hassle of trying to keep two legs heading in the same direction, when you can simply click in, push off and euro-style your way through any terrain or snow condition… and arrive in style. The future is here. The future is mono. Featuring our patented STP Technology.

Here is a brief history of the mono ski courtesy of monoski.net – The first known monoski was invented in 1961 by Jack Marchand. His patent for the first monoski wasissued in 1964. He had a video playing promoting his new snow toy in Central Park where he initially spawned the interest of Howard Head. He also promoted throughout the eastern US. Though Head did nothing initially with this new monoski, Hexcel had offered him patent rights but the project never got off the ground. Jack is a phenominal inventor with a beautiful original concept for the monoski and many other interesting theories, but the monoski or “single-ski” that is seen on the slopes today was originally the brainchild of a Southern California surfer developed in 1969.

Prior to the first wide parallel stance single-ski, there were other products like Look’s elevated platform monoski that was made to have a set of ski bindings mounted to a flat platform which was then mounted to a single alpine ski. By the mid 1960’s, the use of two skis being fixed together side by side with brackets became the standard garage invention. Hans Schmid, a 23 year old electrician, supposedly invents the mono-ski in 1970, but Mike Doyle made and skied his first single-ski in 1969 and Jack Marchand in 1961. Now, though Jack invented the monoski, he wasn’t the one that fueled the initial interest in to the (almost) mainstream. Keep reading at monoski.net

Dick Barrymore and Pierre Poncet ski Mike Doyle’s monoski in the Cariboos in 1979.

From The Golden Years of Ski Films by Dick Barrymore.

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