Whistler Blackcomb's Famous Turkey Sale starts this weekend. Basically its the biggest sale Whistler ever sees. Turkey Sale Almost Underway | Unofficial Networks

Turkey Sale Almost Underway

Turkey Sale Almost Underway


Turkey Sale Almost Underway


Its almost Canadian Thanksgiving to most that means time with family, huge meals, and of course TURKEY!  For those of us that call Whistler home, thanksgiving means only one thing, The Whistler Blackcomb Turkey Sale.   For those who don’t know, the Turkey Sale is a sale that is put on every year by Whistler Blackcomb on Canadian Thanksgiving.  Basically they use it as an opportunity to sell all of last years gear at very reduced prices.  This is literally the last chance anyone up here has to get a really good deal on last years gear.  

They convert Merlin’s bar and the Wizard grill at the base of Blackcomb into a giant shop and then they FILL IT!

This year it seems bigger then ever with giant tents going up everywhere just to house all the items for sale.

Today in the afternoon the Whistler Blackcomb staff were let in for the first crack at it. Tomorrow is locals day starting at noon and then the real party when it opens to the public on Saturday and Sunday.  To all that are planing to make the trip for it…. Good luck and happy hunting!

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