Its now getting near the end of September and that means we’re officially in the heart of the rainy season, also known as “Shoulder Season.” Gone are the warm days of summer that trailed into early September and here are the foggy, rainfall warnings and gloom that we all know so well.  Don’t get me wrong… I know that all this rain eventually means snow so I am excited but it is a bit hard looking at the prospect of 2.5 months of rain and not getting a bit melancholy .  Now that it is starting to get colder I’m starting to have flashbacks of last winter’s $600 heating and I just can’t deal with it, I am going insane! So, I decided to do something about it.  Last Monday I headed up the Soo River Forest Service rd. just north of Whistler to see if I could find any deadfalls to load into my truck.

The start of our drive was beautiful... so aesthetic. Here we were putzing around on a very well maintained logging road surrounded by rivers and mountains… I couldn’t be any happier. But after about 15 min we got to the dam (in the first picture).

At this juncture we had to decide to go left or right, we chose right because we saw a trailer and what looked like a parking lot. We thought it would be a good choice…

After about 15 minutes we decided it wasn’t a good idea and we needed to turn around because we didn’t see any signs of logging.

So the left direction wasn’t looking to promising either….

About 20 minutes into the drive we found a huge open area full of all kinds of cans/bottles and this tea pot all filled with bullet holes…. I’ve never wanted a gun more!

After another 30 minutes and some very hairy climbs on a sketchy road we were about to give up but we agreed to check around just one more corner and sure enough the mother load.  Iv’e never been more happy to see a totally destroyed forest.

We went to work with our antique chainsaw and hatchet and cut up the driest logs we could find. It was a ton of work and we got eaten alive by bugs but it was also a hell of an adventure.

In the end we spent about 3 hours and ended up with a truck full of logs to cut up and keep me warm.  I’m still a bit itchy and I feel like I was hit by a train but looking back I totally enjoyed the experience.

If you want to save some money this winter go explore old logging roads

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