The first snow of the year always gets people excited. Utah got its first dose of the white stuff last Friday night. I am sorry that I didn’t get these photos up sooner for all you lovers of snow out there. These photos come from the iPhone of Marshall Givens who woke up early last Saturday with his wife and dog to head up to the Uinta Mountains. These guys had a blast checking out the mix of wild flowers and new snow on the Lofty Lakes Trail.

Uintah Snow

This shot is so cool because it shows how suddenly Summer turns to Winter in the Uintas. The wild flowers got an early blanket this fall and I am thinking this winter will be huge in Utah once again.

Utah Snow

A couple peaks covered in snow is enough to make you start thinking about what you will be riding on this year. So many choices: skis, snowboard, snowlerblades.  It is all up to personal choice.


Alta first snow 2011

The Saturday morning mountain cam at Alta showed a light dusting of snow. I am guessing that it was all melted by the afternoon, but it was just a warm-up storm. The next one might leave us enough to go play in.

Snow DOg

Dogs love the first snow of the year too! This is Marley out getting some in the beautiful high alpine fields of the Uintas.

Uintah Lake

I am thinking that this lake is cold as hell. Who wants in?

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