This is badass.  And it turned out to be a great idea. Seeing a guy completely barreled at night with a huge flare burning bright through the lip of the wave is stunning. I still don’t quite understand how they are paddling in with the flare already lit, but they are doing it.

*note* this is a repost from july, 2011.

It seems like the flare would burn you goddam legs off while paddling into the wave. But, these guys come out unscathed and the footage is incredible.

surfing with flares bruce irons

INSANE!  right?

Bruce Irons is the star of this clip and in the end he goes into where he is at after losing his brother this winter. Andy Irons was a two time world champ and was my favorite surfer.  It’s extremely sad not to have him around any longer.

This video is filmed in Indonesia, where the best waves on Earth are.  Indo is pumping right now with a ridiculous swell.  I’m hoping to get down there in October.  If you haven’t been, you need to go, it’s insane.

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