So Monday night was the moment that most snow sliding enthusiasts in Whistler have been waiting for! Monday was the first official Canadian premier of Travis Rice’ new movie The Art of Flight. Even though the movie has been released on iTunes it’s safe to say that most people at the premier there were waiting to see it on the big screen.The movie was held in the Telus Conference center where they basically filled the entire space with seats and put a giant screen at the end.  The Event had been sold out for a long time and it showed, it was packed!

I must say that the Sandbox premiere held last week had way better prizes for give away. I was thinking because of the sure magnitude of this movie I expected some awesome prizes… however all they gave out were five Whistler Blackcomb edge cars and one snowboard.  But the plus side everyone there did get a year subscription to Transworld Magazine.

Dollby created a special server and sound system that literally made the walls shake, you felt like you were in the avalanche or a helicopter every time there was one on screen, and the movie was basically a documentary on helicopters!

After the show everyone hung around the Telus Center for a bit but drinks were shockingly over priced so it didn’t last to long. Somehow someone convinced the Art Of Flight crew to go to Buffalo Bills where they were ushered into the back to all VIP only to find the place TOTALLY DEAD! The party moved to the back bar at bills and it eventually filled up.  Most of the crew started heading home around midnight and I somehow found myself in sweaty Tommy Africa for a 80’s night dance off extravaganza.

-All and all it was an epic night

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