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In addition to the $50 mil in improvements, KSL has come up with the great idea of naming, or re-naming depending on who you talk to, every run in Squaw (hey, at least it’s free!).

So on Friday, Squaw Valley USA started a “name that run” contest to its facebook page.  The contest asks you to name the run, located off Granite Chief chair to skiers right of “High Voltage”, by choosing between four predetermined names; “The Gulch”, “Granite Spur”, “Granite Alley” and “Crooked Gulch”.  They offer no prize except for the satisfaction that you may have voted for the name chosen.

In fact, Squaw Valley has just posted that the name that has been selected is “Granite Alley”.  Pure genius.  Way to go community!

Anyway, this is way too official for us and those names are lame.

Instead, we’re going to hold a little “name that run” contest of our own.  Forget the list of four names to choose from, we want your creative juices to flow here.  The winner will take home a 20ft Banshee Bungee valued at over $200.

Here are the Unofficial rules:

1.  There are very little rules

2.  Names to the run shown above must be submitted as a comment on this post.

3.  Contest will close at the strike of midnight on Sunday August 31

4.  Winner will be chosen by a distinguished panel of Unofficial judges

5.  Winner will go down in history

6.  Winner will be rewarded with a 20ft. Banshee Bungee (see below)

About the prize:

Winner will receive a 20ft. Banshee Bungee valued at over $200.

Stretching Up to 140 feet, the 20-foot long Bungee can launch any boarder across any surface: asphalt, metal, snow, sand, water, etc. This is the preferred bungee for skim, skate and snow. You can double it up for more speed, shorten it in tight areas by simply tying it off around you anchor point. the 20 footer is the only bungee that will work for water applications. The 3-strand braided design  prevents snapback, and the vulcanized latex rubber provides up to 7 times its length stretching capabilities. Capable of launch speeds approaching 35 mph, Our Bungee beats any drop-in or car tow-in possibility, not to mention the escapability of the 5-0!

Prize is pick-up only



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