Easily the most fun you can have on the water is doing this.
The Artificial Waves of the Okanagan

Water sports in Whistler are not on the same page as the Okanagan unfortunately. The only lake you can operate boats on in Whistler is Green Lake, and it’s bone chilling glacier run off doesn’t help its case. However, Lake Okanagan is a different story. The warm water, and consistent sunshine make it a great place to go boating.

  • Waist high.
  • Easily the most fun you can have on the water is doing this.

    A couple of my close friends invited us out on their boat for a little sunset wake surf session, and we proceeded to get after it. The boat was loaded up with people, with the 800lb fat sac filled; it produced one of the sweetest wake surfing waves. There’s nothing quite like an endless wave. Even though the wave is just waist high, the hydrostatic pressure is significant, so it’s actually quite shreddable. We had an awesome session drinking beers, and taking turns on the wave. Can’t wait to go back again and send it.

    Friend Ian gets after it, throwing in an ollie w/ a grab.
    Look at that section!!!!

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