Reef Vision Flip Flop
Reef Vision Flip Flop

The guy that started Reef is most definitely a genius. He combined two of every beach bums favorite things, Flip Flops and Hot Chicks, to create a very successful company. Good work brother. Just one of the many cool flopping options offer by Reef this season is the Vision.

Reef Vision Flip Flop

Reef identifies this product as a sandal, but I think that is a little too fancy of a word to dress a flip flop in. I am also not fond of the word thong when used to describe my favorite summer sole protector. Thong means something much cooler to me and can be seen on the ladies above.

Reef Vision Sandal

Back the point of this article. The Vision as claimed by is a:  hi-tech sandal that goes places you never thought a sandal could. After wearing them around Europe for three weeks and hiking from the Tram Deck to Hidden Peak in them a few nights ago I can confirm that they perform very well. The break in period with them was a little rough and there was some severe chaffing for the first week or so, but that was probably just my feet getting used to how hard core they are. The soles and sidewalls seem to be made out of a grippier material than normal flops and that comes in handy for rock scrambling. I think the price of extra grip is a quicker wear through. After only a month and a half they are starting to feel thin. I guess that is the price you pay for looking good and having a bit of extra traction.


Style: A

Comfort: C (at first)A (once broken in)

Off Road : B+

Durability: B

Overall: B+

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