After partying in Buenos Aires and surviving the 22 hour bus ride to Bariloche we got our first taste of Southern Hemisphere winter.  It was a more like a slap in the face.  A snow storm set in last night and raged the Southern Andes today.

Skiing in Bariloche, July 25th, 2011:

– No snow at the bottom of the mountain (gotta take a chair down at end of day)

– Large crowds due to winter vacation

– Brutal ridge top winds

– Avalanche signs that kept the public out of the best zones

– 1.5 foot deep snow and killer skiing in said avalanche zones

– General low tide all over the mountain

spiky moss argentina andesIt seems like all the alpine plants in the Andes have spikes, are pissed off, and trying to hurt you.  Andean spiky moss.

For whatever reason the border patrol governs closures at Catedral ski resort and they happily put up a sign that said “zona de avalanchas no cruzar.”  This is the beauty of skiing in Argentina for punks like us as we are the only ones who cross these signs. Once the sign is crossed, you won’t see another person.

This sign reads “Suck it 2011″

Of course our cockiness was repaid immediately by a bead-blasting wind for the entirety of each of our 30 minute hikes to the top of the mountain.

But, the turns down were glorious.  1,500 vert of untouched snow.  That’s why we’ve come here.  This ain’t no Squaw Valley USA. On powder days, if you’re willing to hike, you’ll get top to bottom powder all day long…for days.

catedral bariloche argentinaRiding the chair down at the end of the day at Catedral ski resort.

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