The Concert Season is still going strong in SLC with more freebies at Pioneer Park and Canyons and bigger less free shows at Red Butte Gardens. Either way you are a winner as summer rolls onto the end of July. Only 2-3 more months until we are snow sliding again!

July 27thBruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers/ Bela Fleck and the Flecktones @ Red Butte Gardens @ 7:00pm Cost: $47

One of my old college rommates was super into Bela Fleck. He was a hippy from Staten Island, my roomie not Bella, and he enjoyed the finer jam bands in life. What up Brando… Anyway, if $47 seems a little steep to you for a show you can always do the old hike around and join the crew on the hill. I bet you will know lots of people up there. They are mostly skiers like you and I.

July 28th Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros / The Entrance Band @ Pioneer Park @ 7:00pm Cost: Free

I am stoked to hear this song performed live. It has been used in numerous ski flicks and it always gets me rockin out pretty hard. Last weeks Twilight Concert Series was very well attended and I would expect this one to go big as well. It seems that the bathroom line issue from last year has been addressed and wait times are more reasonable.

July 29thThe Mother Hips @ The State Room @ 8:00pm Cost: ????

The Mother Hips are a great jammy feel good rock and roll band. The State Room is a great little feel good venue. The combination should be a winner. If you have nothing going on Friday night you could do a lot worse that this. Enjoy!

July 30thAlejandro Escovedo @ Canyons @ 6:00pm-8:30pm Cost: Free!!!

Park for Canyons free show, this week featuring Alejandro Escovedo, near the bottom of the access road and take a lift to the base area/concert area. The Cabriolet and Frostwood lifts will be open Saturdays at 4:00pm. Lowrider chairs only.

July 31st Lyle Lovett and His Large Band @ Red Butte Gardens @ 7:00pm Cost: $52

Lyle Lovett is not my cup o tea when it comes to music and he is not a super good looking guy either. Fortunately for Lyle my opinions mean nothing to his groupies. I am sure there will be some waiting around the tour bus after this $52 show ends. Again the people I know will be up on the hill in the back doing the BYOB and “getting safe” thing.


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