Last Saturday at Crankworx we witnessed one of the more interesting non biking events; The Cheese Rolling.  In this event hundreds of people compete for a chance to win a seasons pass as well as a $300 wheel of cheese, literally.  Even if you weren’t racing there was still tons to check out: cheese culture, samples, lessons on how to milk a cow… but we were all there for the race! The men’s and women’s races were separated respectively and I think the woman’s bails were way more narly then the dudes, especially since most of them didn’t wear appropriate clothes.  Check out this video showing some of the best bails of the day.

We also witnessed a spectator get taken out by rolling cheese. Unfortunately our cameras were pointed at the racers. However two people captured the madness. Check out these You Tube videos as this dude takes it in the chest from the Cheese.

You’ll watch this twice


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