If you have ever had the pleasure of riding Unity Snowboards‘ Dominion you are aware of the greatness that can come from splitting this board.  It is the same cut, but now it allows you to travel around the backcountry with ease.  The Dominion is a directional board with a 6mm nose rocker starting at the front foot.  From there back, it is a regular camber of 2mm.  This allows the board to float but still have an aggressive hold on the mountain when needed.  If all you ride is mellow pow or backcountry kickers, the camber may not be for you. But in the steeps or not ideal snow, that 2mm really comes in handy.

As all spit boards, it will cost a little extra to have the ease in the backcountry. This board runs about $800 blank or $1,100 complete with the Voile setup and skins.  If you are forking out the money for a split, might as well get one that is built to last.  Unity boards a known for their durability and are hand built in Colorado.  Not a bad time to support the US economy and save on lift tickets at the same time.

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