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trampoline skiing snowboardTrampoline training in San Francisco, CA at the House of Air.

Boreal is looking to get approval for a 32,900 square foot indoor training center on Donner Summit.  This would be huge for Lake Tahoe skiers and riders.  Right now, the closest trampoline training to Tahoe is a gymnasium in Reno, NV.

Having a tramp, ramp, foam pit playground is something that North Lake Tahoe/Truckee sorely needs. This facility would likely boost the level of skiing and riding in Lake Tahoe.

Here is an excerpt from the Sierra Sun newspaper about the project:

Mountain officials are asking Nevada County’s Planning Commission later this week to OK an expansion which includes a 32,900-square-foot indoor training center, an alpine roller coaster, a BMX bike park and a skateboard park. If approved, construction could start later this summer with plans to finish by June 2012.

The indoor facility, which would be equipped with foam pits and trampolines for training in skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and other aerial sports, would be the first of its kind in the Truckee-Tahoe. Such training facilities are operational in Colorado and Oregon.  READ MORE:

Placer County officials are going to vote on this potential project Thursday, June, 23, 2011.

We’re hopin’ it goes thru, how ‘bout you?

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