aspen hotties in aspen

aspen hotties in aspenAlright, these girls may not be in bikinis at Squaw over 4th of July weekend, but there certainly will be girls skiing in bikinis that weekend.

Squaw Valley USA just released their schedule for July 3rd, 2011 and it’s lookin’ pretty sweet.

July 3rd, 2011 Squaw Valley USA:

– Skiing & Riding from 8am t0 2pm

banana hammock

– Cushing Crossing Pond Skimming Competition

cushing crossing

–  Big Head Todd & The Monsters on the Tree-Free-KT Sun Deck

big head todd and the monsters

This is lining up to be the most entertaining day of the 4th of July weekend at Squaw.  Tahoe is gonna be preposterous this 4th with so many ski resorts open, the river GOING OFF, rampant drug and alcohol use, music and concerts everywhere, and tons of fun people from out of town looking for trouble.

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