Take Broadway as far East possible and that will stop at the access to Curtis Canyon. An often wildlife filled dirt road will lead you to a nice get away from the summer chaos.  This National Forest that is open from the 1st of may to Labor Day provides many options to experience natural beauty just minutes from downtown.

Curtis Canyon has many free campsites that are perfect for the car camper.   Load up the auto with toys and a tent, and the camping getaway is ready to go.  The closer campsites are fairly busy and get occupied early, but the longer drive normally results in a better view looking back on the Tetons.  If you are looking to save on rent for the summer, Curtis is a great spot, but unfortunately you have to change sites every five days or risk getting a $125 fine.

When you enter this National Forest, there is a great launch for paragliding when the wind is right. As you go deeper, there are some sweet spots to shoot guns or burn fossil fuel.  If you want take a date on a romantic evening, there are many great locations for this.  Looking for a hike, Curtis has that covered.  Curtis Canyon is such a great bonus for those in Jackson during the summer and it is so easy.  Just please remember to take out your trash, and put out your fires so everyone can continue to enjoy this great piece of land.

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