Conquest Knight XV - One Badass SUV

Conquest Knight XV - One Badass SUV


Conquest Knight XV - One Badass SUV


The Conquest Knight XV is a 6 ton Canadian beast. The truck is marketed as a “ultra-luxurious, fully armoured, environmentally-respectful handcrafted SUV.” The Knight’s engine is powered by a Bio-fuel V10 so you wont need to feel bad about your ridiculous SUV as you charge your way to the mountain blasting Heavy Metal by Don Felder. All the Knight XV SUV needs now is a gun turret.

Here is what had to say about the Conquest Knight XV. “Hummer? What hummer!? That car which consumes a lot of fuel and is uncomfortable? No. The ones from Conquestcars had something different in their mind, they made a very comfortable car ready for anything, and when I say anything I mean it! Only 100 cars like this will be built.”

Dwight Howard got his! gives us a few more details on the exotic ride. “A cigar humidor. Satellite television service connected to a large, plasma-screen television. Electric curtains. A security safe. A refreshment bar. Wilton Wool luxury carpeting. Andrew Muirhead leather. This is what you can get when you own one of Conquest Vehicles’ Knight XVs, of which only 100 units will be made. Based on Armet Armored Vehicles’ Gurkha combat vehicle, this “SUV”, with a R3-million starting price before you can add a host of extras (and import duties), presides at the upper end of the luxury-on-wheels market.”


If you like the Conquest Knight XV you might also want to check out the Russian built Kombat T-98.

Or why not get a Russian build Kombat T-98. tells us, “The Combat T-98 is the fastest armoured 4WD in the world, and was built from the ground up to be the most capable non-military armoured luxury vehicle in the world.”

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