Intuition Pro Tour Liner

Intuition Pro Tour Liner


Intuition Pro Tour Liner


The more time you spend skiing the more you learn it’s all about your boots. I’ll tell you what, liners make a big difference too.

Years ago when I first move to Squaw I showed up with a bunch of questionable gear and whole lot of motivation. One of the greatest breakthroughs in my early ski-bum career was linking up with the local boys at Surefoot and getting educated. Slowly but surely I learned how much ski boots matter. Fast forward to today and I’m still dialing in all my gear systems on a near weekly basis. It never seems to end. Garmont has proved to be an exceptional boot manufacturer for skiers like me that primarily spend time in the backcountry, but who also seek as close to an alpine fit and feel from their boots as resort skiers. Garmont liners, in my opinion, offer about as good as you can get for a stock liner. However, after testing the Pro Tour Liner from Intuition over the past month I think I can safely say I’m a convert.

Intuition makes a slew of liners for all sorts of different skiers. Each model is made to fit to a particular activity and uses Ultralon Foam for consistency in quality. I’ve been testing the Pro Tour model and was immediately surprised right out of the package as they don’t require heat-molding. That allowed me to basically throw them in my boots for an immediate check. I actually went to Squaw that day and brought my other liners along thinking there was no way they’d take to my boot shells so easily on the first try and work. Wrong. They felt great from run one inbounds, have performed exceptionally well touring for the past several weeks, and importantly are by far and away the warmest liner I’ve ever used.

Having had frostbite in the past I’m very conscious of my feet getting cold and always have boot heaters on hand for when my digits start to feel numb. Since I’ve used these liners I’ve barely even thought about turning them on, even on freezing mornings skiing in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska. They dry well even after a long day of backcountry skiing, warm up quickly with body heat when starting a tour, and the overall padding lessens potential shin-bang as well as other issues that come with cramponing, boot packing, side-hilling and the like. They’re also much lighter than a lot of other stock liners on the market.   

While I will say these liners are generally very comfortable I started to get some friction build-up on my heels in Alaska and was forced to tape them in fear of the issue getting any deeper. The issue has subsided, but I include it here just to forewarn issues can always happen with new items such as these. However, this issue is easy to look past when thinking about the overall performance, warmth, and comfort I’ve received otherwise. In my opinion cost is the only other issue that you’ll have to look past if you’re searching for superior performance in a ski boot liner.

Sizes generally run from a Men’s 6-13, but if you happen to order now many sizes are sold out. I’m sure they’ll be restocked for next season and if you’re really keen to try some immediately contact Intuition directly and they’ll sort you out. Regardless of what shell you use, Intuition liners may be the missing link you need for the ultimate ski boot set-up. There’s only one way to find out…

The Pro Tour model is made with double overlap construction with a stitched sole and comes armed with aegis, antimicrobial lining treatment. The Pro Tour Model will run you about $180 dollars.

From the website: “Custom designed for serious backcountry skiers. This liner offers a removable medium flex tongue which accommodates both AT and Tele riding styles (a softer tongue is optional), rapid lace closure system, a strategic flex panel in the rear of the liner with a supple upper cuff. These elements are included in this liner in order to alleviate any undue pressure whether ascending or descending. Intuition’s incredible heel hold down power where you need it most is combined with a medium volume fit, making this the ultimate backcountry liner.”  

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