Backcountry Zones- Pucker

Backcountry Zones- Pucker


Backcountry Zones- Pucker


Disclaimer: “Backcountry Zones” is by no means any sort of guide book. Rather, it’s a broad, very broad sometimes, overview of areas in the Jackson Hole backcountry. Lines and areas described in these pages are meant to give readers a beginning to their backcountry adventures, rather than a specific plan. Areas change drastically from year to year, and even storm to storm. The user is expected to do their own reconnaissance, route finding, and decision making in the backcountry and is also expected to be prepared with appropriate avalanche, medical, and rescue training.

The appropriately named “Pucker” is one of the bigger, open faces in the Jackson Hole backcountry. The ski itself isn’t what makes you pucker, it’s the fact that you’re dropping into a large, very large, face with few anchors and virtually no safe zones. Also, the slight roll over up top doesn’t help matters. Basically, if something rips out, you better hope that you’re faster than the several thousand pounds of snow on your tail.

The snowboard/ski itself is pretty straightforward, particularly in the late season. In the early season there are a few more features to deal with. But either way, it’s not an incredibly technical line- basically tip in and steer clear (or towards) the rocks.

But be careful, there’s a lot of sharks hiding in there. If you’re planning on pointing it, you could end up in an all-time tomahawk. More lookers left, there are some sneaks (pictured above) that allow for some more creative lines and hucks.


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