The Dakine Concourse Double Ski Bag

The Dakine Concourse Double Ski Bag


The Dakine Concourse Double Ski Bag


You can fit just about anything you want/need for a ski trip in this bag. It handles two pairs of skis with ease while traveling. At first I was hoping to test a 200cm bag, but after realizing the 185 cm bag can fit a pair of 195’s, I was happy to have it. Boots, helmets, poles, soft goods, you name it and you can safely store it in this bag. The padding is bomber, and there are internal straps that help to cinch everything down. At one point I had everything I was traveling with stuffed in this bag and beyond the fact it was a lot of gear and was quite heavy, it was nice to have that option.

When you pack the bag, make sure you put heavier items toward the wheels so the weight is dispersed properly. I found when I did this the bag traveled smooth and was pretty easy to manage. A lifetime warranty also helps make this a good purchase for anyone that wants to travel with their skis as the price tag is high, but you know you’ve made a solid long-term investment.

Keep in mind the bag is huge, and some airlines are not going to be happy with you. I made out pretty well, but Delta in Milan, Italy wanted to charge me 175 euro’s for having all my gear in one big, heavy, long bag. When I split my belongings up into two bags I was only charged 50 euro’s for two checked bags. The point here is being aware in these times of airlines trying to squeeze every dollar they can out of you because this bag is large, even in the 185cm style, and may present some traveling problems.

I’ll also mention that during my month of travels last winter, the bag took some abuse, and while my gear stayed safe (which is most important), there was some wear and tear I was not expecting on the bag. Nothing too crazy, but some fabric wore away and the bag looked like it had been on the road a lot longer than a month.

The Dakine Concourse Double Ski Bag in a 185 cm length is the perfect solution for air travel with lots of ski gear. Whether you are a pro skier globetrotting from one face shot to another, or a family with kids heading to Colorado for Christmas vacation, this ski bag will get your gear safely to your destination.

The average price is about $150.00-200.00 depending on size and model. It weighs about 12 lbs. and comes in 185 or 200 cm sizes with a few different colors/styles to choose from.

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