Cam Unger Photographer Profile

Cam Unger Photographer Profile


Cam Unger Photographer Profile


Whistler mountain

Cam Unger is a local snowboarder and photographer in Whistler. He’s been riding and shooting in the Whistler area for the past twelve years. These photo’s  are some shots from the past year. He spends most of his time shooting in the Whistler backcountry and crushing lines with his buddies. Cam always has shots from zones you want to ride, but he’s the last one to tell you where they are.

Joel Loverin Slashes Whistler Mountainl

joe loverin slashin some pow out in camboardia bc

Dave Henkel Shreds a line in Brandywine

dave henkel sending it out in never land

Sunset on Blackcomb

blackcomb sunset




I shot this photo while we were stuck in an ice cave for a day waiting for the clouds to break so that we could make our descent


Chris Little drilling with the bencher drill above the sea to sky highway

Snowmobiling Brandywine

Andy Keating roopin some pow out in camboardia

aHighlands Sunset

Squamish sunset

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