Rahlves Banzai - This Weekend at Alpine

Rahlves Banzai - This Weekend at Alpine


Rahlves Banzai - This Weekend at Alpine


“Don’t miss the Daytona 500 of skiing this weekend at Alpine Meadows!” – The first stop of the Rahlves Banzai will be held this weekend at Alpine Meadows. Let’s face it, everyone loves skier-cross events. It’s the NASCAR of skiing. A head-to-head competition with speed, tactics and gnarly crashes. It’s got everything but the pit stops. If your into bad ass ski racing or your just some sicko who likes to watch huge crashes this event is for you. So head out this weekend to Alpine Meadows for the kick off to the Rahlves Banzai.

For more info go to the official site – Rahlves Banzai.  If still hungry more info about this rad event? Read this post Daron Rahlves’ Tahoe Banzai tour 2011 by Miles Clark.

“Skier-cross – the best possible way to get hurt on skis” -confusus

Daron Rahlves, (born in Walnut Creek, CA) the former downhill champ and now freeskiing/skier-cross badass, has put together a three stop skier-cross series that will roll through Lake Tahoe this winter.  The tour is called the “Rahlves’ Banzai Tour 2011” and will include three stops at Alpine Meadows (Jan. 22-23), Kirkwood (Feb. 5-6), and the finals at Sugar Bowl (March 12-13).

Photo by Seth Lightcap

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