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Discrete Banger Beanie/Tuque

Discrete Banger Beanie/Tuque


Discrete Banger Beanie/Tuque


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Need a beanie, tuque, un chapea, booshi, or una sombrero? Then try the Discrete Banger. The Banger comes in purple, sky blue, grey/orange or white/red, and is 100% acrylic. The banger fits all head shapes, from the melon of “Hey Arnold” to the noodle of Julian Carr. The beanie covers your ears and has a (well-attached) pom-pom to give you the “mountain town look”. Good to wear shredding and keep on in the village; the Banger is a great all around hat. Soft and stylish the hat will keep you warm and the acrylic material, unlike wool, prevents the “itchy forehead” . AND FYI Discrete is a company started by a skier for skiers. Julian Carr the founder and owner of discrete has created beanies for a nich market of skiers… so support Julian and support the ski industry. For more images or to buy go to

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DISCRETE the company embodies separation from the pack. The word discrete comes from the 15th-century Latin word discretus, which means to separate. EVER WONDER how they came up with the Discrete logo? Well. The Discrete logo is inspired by the Tower of Hanoi, a mathematical puzzle that has its roots in an ancient Vietnamese legend. A prophecy ordered three monks to move 64 golden disks onto a time-ravaged tower, one at a time, according to specific rules, resulting in a algorithm, When the last move of the puzzle is completed, the world will end.

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