Resort Review: Revelstoke

Resort Review: Revelstoke


Resort Review: Revelstoke


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If you checked out my post from yesterday you already know that I really dig Revelstoke. There are a number of reasons that it rocks, and I will go through them for you here today. First of all this place is huge. Like Alta on top of Snowbird plus a bit more. It has the most skiable vert in North America, and it is steep and sick from the top to the bottom.

Revelstoke Trail Map, Revelstoke Mountain, BC SkiingThe resort layout is super simple and you can’t really make a wrong turn. You can get to anywhere on the mountain from any chair which I think is awesome. There are only 3 lifts The Revelation Gondola,

The Ripper Chair and the Stoke Chair. Each lift accesses more terrain than you can ski in a day. I am really into the simplicity of riding 2 or 3 lifts all day to access 3000 acres of terrain.

Skiing at Revelstoke, Snow at Revelstoke, Deep Powder, Skiing, Tree Skiing, Skiing BC

Lets talk about the terrain. Well I guess we won’t actually talk, I will just let you know how it is. The trees and steeps here are better than you can imagine. The snow is a little thin, but we have been charging pillow lines anyway. I have never seen pillows like they have here. Interior BC is really the promised land! The Fing groomers are even sick here! They are super long with tons of rollers everywhere. I will try to come back every year for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to see the scenery when the storm clears. We are looking at up to 50 cm of snow in the next day or two eh!

Check out their Website form more info.

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