Weekly Photos: Snowbird Shots

Weekly Photos: Snowbird Shots

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Weekly Photos: Snowbird Shots


Jesse Maddox, Snowbird, Powder, Skiing, Ski, Deep Snow, Snowboard, Snowboarding

So this week for our photos I am going with some older shots from Snowbird. I dig seeing what everyone has ben hitting both this year and in years past. It is very motivational don’t you think. In the above photo Jesse Maddox is killing it off the Mid Baldy Shot 18 Cliff. I was riding with Jesse and Tim V. in North Chute last week, and these guys send it! I am stoked to watch them make things happen at this year North Face Master event.

Grafton Smith, Snowbird, Powder, Deep Snow, Skiing, Ski, Riding Powder

This pow shot is of Snowbird Tram Operator Grafton Smith. I have know Grafton for a couple years and he is a cool guy. Here are a few more shots of him and a quick interview.

How long have you been at the Bird?

I moved from Vermont five years ago.

What got you out here?

The General, my trusty 1994 GMC truck.

How long have you been riding, and what is your background?

Grtafton Smith, Snowbird, Powder, Skiing, Ski, Deep Snow,

I have been skiing for about on and off for about forty years. Started skiing upstate New York, spent the eighties in Tahoe and mammoth, took a break to sail and dive in the Caribbean, then it was back to Vermont and finally to the greatest snow on earth.

What are your favorite things about Snowbird?

Besides, the snow. The locals who live and ski here, have a zest for life which is hard to find in this world of, how much money can we make and thing can we buy.

Are you here for life?

Until, the body cannot do what the mind yarns’ to. Then the pirate in me will drift back to the Caribbean were, sailing, diving and the warm blue waters will carry me till the end of days.

Do you like music when you ski? If you do what do you rock out to?

Sometimes, I like to listen in the morning while I get ready. Seal, Dispatch and the almighty ACDC.

Any shout outs?

To all the old guard, that inspired all the generations that followed.

All the shots of Grafton are from the good people at Powder Shots. The sweet shot of Jesse is from the one and only Laura Dewey.

Ride on brother, ride on.

Grtafton Smith, Snowbird, Powder, Skiing, Ski, Deep Snow,

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