Jackson-Backcountry Zones: Breakneck

Jackson-Backcountry Zones: Breakneck

Jackson Hole

Jackson-Backcountry Zones: Breakneck


If you live in Jackson, have bright clothes and ride with a transceiver, backpack, probe and shovel; you probably have skied/gotten down breakneck.   Over the years, the sight of  skiers ripping different lines down breakneck has appeared in many ski movies.  It is a beautiful face with a variety of routes and features, and it is very easily accessible from the tram.  Making it one of the more skied ‘film lines’ in Jackson Hole  sidecountry.

If you are in a hurry to get first tracks, it is pretty much a traverse from the top of the tram.  Your goal is to get to the boot pack for Powder 8s(the snow field on the looker’s left shoulder of Cody.)  You can either hike Cody and ski down, or just traverse across the bottom of the bowl.  Once there, head left.  Hopefully you have scoped your line, because is is a nice rollover to some pretty committing lines.  Safest route is to start at the double dead trees on the skier’s left and traverse left over the cliffs.  This is how most people ‘rip’ Breakneck. 

If you choose to go down the skier’s right side, make sure to watch out for your sluff. That side has been know to take out a few people. The terrain gets a little more technical near the bottom, and if you slow down the sluff will take care of your hesitation over the bottom cliff.   Also, one thing to keep in mind, the landings are flatter that you would think.

So if you choose to ski Breakneck, good luck and have fun.  But I do recommend  some time at the base of the Four Pines’ hike figuring out your line. A wrong choice could result in a bad end to the season.

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