Gear Review: Fisher Watea 114

Gear Review: Fisher Watea 114


Gear Review: Fisher Watea 114


The first thing you notice when you pick up the Watea 114’s is the classic wood look of the top-sheet, as well as the oddly shaped tips.  Fisher refers to the tip as a powder hull, and is shaped and works just like the hull of a boat.  It makes sense that Fisher would do this as most powder skis are taking their technology from their watery brethren.  Another feature, which helps this ski dominate the powder, is the early rise tip and tail.  Once again borrowing ideas from water skis, the tip prevents the ski from diving while the tail allows the ski to release at the end of a turn.

As skis keep getting fatter they are losing their torsional rigidity.  Fisher addresses this problem by adding carbon fiber i-beams that run the length of the ski, allowing one to traverse with ease.  As for how they ski: they are light and forgiving, however if you want to put some energy into the turns they will defiantly give back.  They float in the powder and are easy to throw around if you need to scrub speed, or avoid a tree at the last minute.  The Watea still has a traditional shape, which allows you to still resemble a skier once you hit the groomers (unlike many of the other powder skis out there).  Watea is a Maori word that means free/unrestricted and that is just what this ski is: a freeride ski with no restrictions.


RADIUS:              27 m / 186 cm

SIDECUT:             146 – 114 – 128

LENGTHS:             176, 186 cm

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