Rails, Rails, and More rails.....

Rails, Rails, and More rails.....


Rails, Rails, and More rails.....


The best shot of the video happens at the end (time 3:06). When you get bored during the first minute skip to the end to see Liam’s sick 540. The bulk of this video is small jibs in the Whistler and Blackcomb park. The seven athletes are on point with their rail skils, however the video drags on with an abundance of similar shots. Lets only hope that the last shot is a harbinger for PYP’s next Dead Episode.

On the other hand, I have been really impressed with PYP’s ‘on time delivery’ of their Dead Episodes and I look forward viewing their mini golf skills in the pillows of British Columbia.


Kelsey, an Aspen Times journalist, went skiing blindfolded with a blind skiing instructor guiding her down the slope to better (…)

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