Rossignol FKS 180 Ski Bindings Return

Rossignol FKS 180 Ski Bindings Return


Rossignol FKS 180 Ski Bindings Return


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After the geniuses that nearly ran the great Rossignol brand into the ground in the last five years decided to eliminate the best ski binding ever made a couple seasons ago I didn’t know what I would do for bindings for the rest of my life.  Then….they turn the tables and reintroduced the classic design for a largely inflated price.

So for all the skiers out there like me who refuse to ski on anything other than the Rossi/Look 18 DIN Turntable binding, Congratulations!  Even though the bindings will cost you about $100-$200 more than it used to, it is way worth it.

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For anyone who has never used these sweet pieces of engineering they are all you have ever heard about and more. I have never, no once, not ever, pre-released out of these babies. The new Orange color is super flash and will make all the chicks on the hill think you are the man. When your life is on the line why would you bother using some low priced, mostly plastic piece of junk? You shouldn’t. If you ski hard, which you should, get a pair and get out there and jump off of something already!

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